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SRS Services Repairs Structural Sinkhole Damage - We are committed to providing the most innovative sinkhole remediation and foundation stabilization techniques in the industry. We offer top-notch customer service and quality of work on every job, no exceptions. Our goal is to come each day prepared in order to make our stay as short as possible. We do not want to intrude on your everyday lives or your neighbor's everyday lives. We take away ALL equipment (including port-a-potties) every day. We check your home for mold damage, insect damage, water damage. We offer pre-purchase inspections, wind mitigation inspections and complete home inspections.

SRS Services, LLC is a state certified general contractor performing sinkhole remediation throughout Central Florida.
Our services include underpinning, pressure grouting, new construction pin piles, and chemical grout injection. We look forward to guiding you through what can be a very difficult process. At SRS Services, LLC our #1 priority is your complete satisfaction. We provide this by always offering the best quality products, efficiency and with the greatest respect for customer satisfaction. We know that our finished product speaks for itself. To the customers we have serviced, "Thank You For Your Trust." Please feel confident that SRS Services will stand by our work, craftsmanship and our commitment to the highest level of customer service. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

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central fl remodeling sinkhole repair damage cleanup
central fl remodeling sinkhole repair damage cleanup

Sinkhole Remediation

This includes everything you need to make your home and property whole. Includes ground stabilization and any necessary cosmetic repairs.

Ground Stabilization

Utilizes a variety of methods to stabilize the ground under your home. These methods include Compaction Grouting, chemical grouting and underpinning.

Compaction Grouting

Compacts the ground by hydraulic action which replaces air, loose soil and water under your home with a compacting cement mixture.

Chemical Grouting

Stabilize the top 8' to 10' of ground that has been determined to be a sugar sand base and which does not contain natural materials within to allow soil binding. Chemical grouting processes all use a chemical reaction that safely holds and binds these base materials.


Is the process of insertion of steel support rods that, in most cases, only support the perimeter foundation of the home? SRS uses underpinning in combination with compaction grouting methods resulting in the best possible repair.

Pre-Construction Piering

Pre-construction testing is completed and the ground is stabilized as needed by installing steel piers that help in the support of foundations and floor slabs.

Concerned You Have A Sinkhole?

central fl remodeling sinkhole repair damage cleanup

First warning signs include: stair cracking in the concrete, cracks in your floors, sunken areas in the yard, neighbors have sinkhole issues, broken tiles and misaligned doors and windows. We will come to you and perform a FREE SINKHOLE REVIEW. SRS then sends out 2 copies of the Inspection Report - one for your insurance company and one for your records along with our recommendations on how you should proceed. Your insurance company will send out their own adjuster.

The advantage of having SRS come out first is that it puts your insurance company on legal notice that you have performed your own review and are aware that problems exist. SRS will work with you and your insurance company from beginning to end. After your home has been properly stabilized and repaired, you will receive a “Certified Engineering Report” that your home has been properly stabilized which should allow a better property value for future home sales. The current (and future) property owner may not need to carry expensive sinkhole insurance, saving countless dollars every year.

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Florida Sinkhole Statutes Summary (PDF)

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Current (updated) Official Florida Statutes

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Florida Sinkhole Map

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Florida D.E.P. Sinkhole FAQs

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Sinkholes, A link between surface water and ground water

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